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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Free "Stinker" Valentine Cards

Print these free digital Skunk-themed "Stinker" Valentine Cards just as you would a 4x6 photo, and then cut in half! 

 My free gift to say Happy Valentine's Day to my valued customers!
It would really stink if I couldn't have you as my Valentine!
School would stink without you, Valentine!
Love Stinks! But having you in my class is a real treat!
Don't be a stinker! Be my Valentine!

Perfect to use as classroom Valentines! Just (right-)click on the image and save as. Instead of using a photo lab, you can also print your invitations on your home printer. You can use a fine-tipped sharpie or ballpoint pen for writing the names. I suggest printing 1-2 on a page (as 4x6 sized images) using your computer's photo/image software. If you're having trouble, please google it as I do not provide tech support. Enjoy!

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