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Friday, July 18, 2008

Quiet Activities & Puzzles

Looking for quiet activities to keep your toddler and young children busy? These are sure to do the trick!

Perfect for entertaining your kids: on road trips, during church meetings, Sacrament meeting, in waiting rooms, in hotel rooms, during nap time or quiet time, or anytime you need some peace and quiet.

Introducing 11 Quiet Activities & Puzzles accented with exciting colors teach your children creativity and problem solving!
  • Harmonizes left-brain and right-brain, turning them into better students with better grades.
  • Entertains them in a skill-building, proactive way, as opposed to the spectator sport of TV and mindless movies.
  • Children constructively occupied have a lot less time and inclination to disobey...which sure makes being a mom a lot more enjoyable.
  • Gives children a head start and competitive edge when they start school.
Given the choice, wouldn't you rather have a child who enjoys entertaining themselves by doing things that develop their brain, creativity and eye-hand coordination...than to always be providing spectator entertainment that leaves them without any sense of accomplishment or self-worth?

Simply slip the main activity/puzzle page into a heavy sheet protector (or laminate), laminate the small pieces and cut out, and use velcro or double-sided tape to make the pieces stick. When the smaller pieces are not in use, I just slide them into an envelope and slide the envelope into the sheet protector.

Puzzles & Activities Products
PA001 Train Car FREE
PA002 Spring Flowers FREE
PA003 Gummy Bears FREE
PA004 Doll Faces FREE
PA005 Sweet Shoppe FREE
PA006 Easter Eggs FREE
PA007 Loaves and Fishes FREE
PA008 Tithing FREE
PA009 Letters Puzzle FREE
PA010 Numbers Puzzle FREE
PA011 Pizza Puzzle FREE

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