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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Personalized Baby Shower Invitations and Thank Yous #2

Baby Shower Layout #2

This trendy little pregnant mommy is such a cute way to announce your friend's baby shower. These Personalized Invitations and Thank Yous are high quality custom 4x6 photos--and will make a perfect addition to baby's scrapbook. (Click here to read more about how my custom photo products work. You buy the file and have it printed yourself.)

These unique custom Baby Shower Silhouette items feature any text you wish. (Here are some ideas.) On the Baby Shower Invitations, I can put "It's A Boy/Girl" or just "Baby Shower" (in the circles) if the gender of the baby is unknown. And you can choose the pregnant mommy silhouette that looks most like you/your friend (scroll down to last image; I can change length of hair). (Click on images to enlarge them. Use your back button to navigate back to this page.)

Item #BS003 - Baby Shower Silhouette Invite #2 (four above)- $9.95

Item #BS004 - Baby Shower Silhouette Thank You #2 - $5.95 (with or without quote/text box)

- Pregnant Mama Options (above) & Background Options (below) [click images to enlarge]-

Click here to email me this customization request form. If your email client doesn’t support this link, copy and paste the following into an email and send it to: alanaleedesigns(at)gmail(dot)com.

Custom Text:
Mama Option:
Hair Length: long or short
Pink or Blue Headband:
Background Option:
Additional Info or Request?

**I'm willing to work with you if you'd like me to change some of the colors or hair length--just let me know in the customization request email. I can do yellow or green backgrounds if you wish.

[Item #BS003 - Baby Shower Invite #2 (Silhouette) - 4x6 JPEG - $9.95]

[Item #BS004 -
Baby Shower Thank You #2 (Silhouette) - 4x6 JPEG - $5.95]