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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Clean Room Charts

If you have a hard time getting your child to clean their bedroom, you need these charts.

Often children either need a lot of help and direction when cleaning or claim they can't clean by themselves because they don't know how. Most likely, they just don't know how to start cleaning. These charts are the perfect help by making cleaning bedrooms fun! Just turn cleaning into a game with these "Clean Room" charts.

Let your child choose which chart to use each time they need to clean their room. (Feel free to click on the images to view them full size, and then print.)

If you would like the high-resolution six-chart file, it's just $4.95 and includes the following "Start Cleaning" charts: shapes, colors, categories, places to put things, what things are used for, as well as "The Clean Room Chart." And if you would like a custom "The Clean Room Chart" with your child's name on it, it's just $4.95 (customized for boy or girl; see last example below).

I'll email you the files once I receive payment confirmation, and you can print, color, and laminate if you wish. Your child will have more invested in this method if allowed to color some of the charts.

[Item #CH006 - Six Clean Room Charts - 6 pages - $4.95]

[Item #CH006 - Custom Clean Room Chart - 1 page - $4.95]