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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Family Standards

I created "Family Standards" for my family to help us with establishing rules and for parenting. This is a wonderful way to display your family's beliefs in your home--it is both useful and beautiful. Your family will have no question whether or not something is allowable.

The magic of "Family Standards" comes from the terminology you use. When you refer to "rules," it's a natural human tendency to rebel against said "rules." However, if you refer to what your family "believes" and what your "standards" are, you will most likely get more cooperative results.

For example, if little Lou steals a pack of gum from the store, you state firmly but lovingly; "Little Lou, our family believes in being honest. Stealing from the store is dishonest. What can you do to make this right?"

Or if Ben punches his brother in the jaw, you state: "Ben, our family believes in being kind and respecting other people's bodies. What can you do to make it right?"

Or if little Hannah says, "You're mean, I hate you!" (Hopefully you never have to hear this.) You state: "Hannah. I'm sorry you feel that way. But our family believes in using kind words. How can you express your frustration using kind words?"

Here are some examples you can get started with:
We believe in loving one another.
We believe in obeying God’s commandments.
We believe in being honest and virtuous.
We believe in being kind.
We believe in being helpful.
We believe in being grateful.
We believe in saying thank you.
We believe in the power of prayer.
We believe that our bodies are temples.
We believe in following the prophets.
We believe in doing fun things as a family.
We believe in good music.
We believe in being clean and safe.

I printed two copies and framed them. One is downstairs by our family picture gallery, the other is upstairs.

If you'd like me to customize your family standards for a beautiful and useful wall hanging (that you can frame), just click on "add to cart" and email me a customization request. If you'd like me to match colors of a room, just attach a picture!

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