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Friday, February 10, 2012

Free Valentine Printable: Owl

"Owl be so happy if you'd be my Valentine!"
"You're owl-right, Valentine!"
"Valentine, you're a hoot!"
"You will owl-ways be my friend, Valentine!"
"Hey wise guy, will you be my Valentine?"

This is a fun Valentine craft to do with children and will look similar to the one pictured below. All you need is a paper (preferably colored), printer, scissors, glue, and pencils for the owl to roost on (optional).

1. Print and cut a body and fold it on the dotted line to create an owl shape. (4 per printed page)
2. Print and cut an owl face and glue it to the folded flap. (16 per printed page)
3. Print the hearts with Valentine's sayings to glue on the backside of the owl. (12 per printed page)
4. Fold up the bottom of the owl and cut two slits about 1.5" apart to create an opening to slide a pencil through.

Notice that if you fold the bottom of the owl to cut the slits, it creates a much nicer looking pocket for the pencil (the purple owl's doesn't look so great).
Happy Valentine's Day!