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Friday, October 5, 2012

Good Deed Punch Cards

Thanks to Pinterest, I got the idea for these handy punch cards that promote cooperation, instead of the dreaded "That's not my Job" mentality. For each good deed a child does (like folding 10 things from the clean laundry or clearing the table after dinner), s/he earns a punch. Once the card has been punched 22 times, the child earns a reward (such as a blizzard at DQ, an item from Target's $1 spot, or a craft item from Hobby Lobby).

It's completely up to you what counts as a good deed and what rewards can be earned. As soon as they've finished one good deed, I give their card a punch. All you have to do is download the file, print, and begin to see your kids helping willingly around the house. 
Click here to download the Pumpkin and Candy Apple good deed punch cards.
Click here to download the Monster High good deed punch cards.

Check back later to download Winter-themed good deed punch cards.

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