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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reward & Obedience Chart

Here are the two reward charts I designed to use with my children. The first one is a "3 Strikes, You're Out" chart that I put on the fridge, one for each child. I use buttons hot-glued to magnets. Each day this slate is wiped clean and they start with three smiley faces. Each time they commit a major No-No, they lose a smiley face and a frowny face appears. If they ever get 3 Strikes, they lose all of the rewards in the Obedience Chart shown in picture #3.

It's easy as pie to make your own "3 Strikes" chart. I used Wingdings font at 88 pts. Click on image #2 to see the actual size (you can even print this one if you'd like). I chose to mount the faces on some cute scrapbooking paper and then laminated it using con-tact paper or packing tape. Voila!
• • • • • • •
My other favorite is the Obedience Chart. I have one for each child mounted on the fridge. This chart allows the child to accumulate rewards to be redeemed, or to have rewards put in time-out for naughty behavior--they have to earn it back. I found that my most difficult child doesn't like when her favorite Characters get put in a time out.

Each chart has two box-pockets: one for storing un-earned rewards, and one for taking away rewards. (Or both boxes can be used for storing un-earned rewards. That's what I do now.) Each chart also has two clear pockets to show off rewards once they are earned (made from packing tape or con-tact paper).

Each time they do something right (like obeying the first time they're asked to do something, or taking a nap, or saying something kind), they "earn" a reward. I take one of the Characters and put it in the clear pockets to show off.

If they act out, misbehave, refuse to cooperate, forget chores, etc., I simply say, "What a bummer" or "That's sad" and remove however many rewards I deem appropriate.

Now, the cool thing about this chart is they can redeem awards that they've earned for computer games, special craft projects, having a friend over, watching a movie, eating a special treat, etc. This is a great way for parents to implement a reward system that helps keep both them and the child accountable. I've recently been giving them a dollar for each 10 rewards that they earn and it is working very well (I even have dollar rewards in the file).

The top two images to the left are included in the generic file. The bottom two images are examples of custom reward charts.

If you would like me to design a custom Obedience Chart for your child, click here to email me a Custom Request Form (or here to view the Custom Request Form). A normal custom chart is $2.50 (meaning it has your child's name and choice of three colors as well as THREE pages of rewards). Click "Add to Cart" to get started!

Special design requests and additional characters will be extra and you'll receive a Paypal invoice via email. Please allow 2-4 business days for your file once I receive payment confirmation.

I'll email you the files and you can print, laminate (using clear con-tact paper, packing tape, or heat lamination), and assemble it yourself.

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Click here the generic six-page Chart and Rewards file for FREE. (Why is it free?) The file contains instructions and two pages of rewards. (The custom file contains three pages of rewards.)