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Remember, when you buy any product from my web site, you are purchasing the DIGITAL FILE only--you are paying me to customize it (I do NOT do any printing or shipping). All text is customizable. Once you receive the file, upload it to your favorite photo center, and get prints for as little as $.13 each--as many copies as you like (abiding by the printing policies, of course). For more info on my products, read the FAQs.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: I specialize in digital files only. I do not print or ship any products. The customer is responsible for all printing costs.

Q: What portion of your products is customizable?

A: ALL text on invitations, thank yous, welcome posters, etc. is customizable. Just specify in your custom request email the text you want. Freebies are not customizable. Most of the educational products allow for some customization.
Q: How many Custom Photo Invitations (or thank yous) do I receive with my order?
A: As many as you want to print or have printed yourself. Remember, when you buy anything from my web site, you are purchasing the electronic/digital FILE only--the purchase price covers just the design/personalization fee. (I do NOT do any shipping or printing.) You then print the file yourself or have it printed at a photo center--as many copies as you like for as little as $.13 each. For more information on printing files, read through the rest of the FAQs.

My customers are consistently thrilled with the quality of their invitations (as well as the recipients). The great thing is that as soon as you receive your digital file, you can get your prints made and you're not waiting on a mailman.

(My favorite is or and they charge $.13 per print and it's done in one hour.)

Q: When do I receive my product files?
A: Once you add your chosen products to your cart and check out, I'll receive a payment confirmation. As soon as I receive payment confirmation (and customization email, if required), the file(s) will be sent to your email box within 24-48 hours (usually the same day). Please add my email address to your address book to make sure my emails don't get sent to your SPAM filter.

Q: What envelopes should I use to send my 4x6 photo invitations?
A: (Envelopes are obviously not included with your order.) You have a few options. If you can find some A-6 sized envelopes, those are the perfect size. You can find those in the cardmaking aisle at Michael's craft store--20 for around $6 (if you can use a 40% off coupon, it's a really good deal). You can also find A-6 envelopes at many Stationary stores (the ones online average about $10 for 50 +s/h). If you can't find A-6 envelopes, you can use #10 envelopes. To dress up the #10s, buy them in pastels or in the open-end or catalog style (the opening is on one of the short ends).
Q: What are Custom Photo Invitations and what are the instructions?
A: Here's what you need to know if you're planning on purchasing my Custom Invitations, also known as photo invitations (because they are printed on photo paper at a photo center, e.g., a 4x6 photo):

  1. You will be purchasing a digital file from me (thus the design fee) for you to upload to your preferred online photo center (like,,, or You are free to print as many copies as you'd like (separate printing fees apply). Invitations are 4x6 (usually between $.13 and $.19 each), posters are 11x14 ($4.86 each at, and coloring book favor prints on regular 8.5x11 paper from your home computer. And it's faster and cheaper than having me print and mail them to you!
  2. Once I receive payment confirmation AND all your party information, I will personalize your party supplies within 1-2 business days. You will receive unlimited proofs until you are satisfied—at no extra cost. The more quickly you approve your proof, the more quickly you will have your high-resolution digital invitation e-mailed to you. (I usually respond promptly to my emails, so if you don’t see my response within 48 hours, please check up your spam mailbox.)
  3. Once you approve the proof, I will e-mail you your Final High-Resolution file in a JPEG format (this is the standard picture format), and you can now upload the file to your preferred photo center (to pick up at a local store or to have mailed to you). This is as easy as printing regular pictures! Just slip invitations in an A-6 or #10-sized envelope (fits 4x6), and they're ready for you to mail!
  4. Because you are purchasing a digital file, you can invite over your family or friends via email also! No extra postage! If you would like to send out email invitations, you will receive a lower resolution JPEG at no extra cost, so everybody can receive your invitation without delay!
  5. All custom birthday items will coordinate in font and color scheme.
  6. If you purchase your invitations from me, then I can customize your matching “Thank You” cards (same theme color and font), too! We’ll use the same process. Most online photo centers offer the option of printing an image on a folded notecard or greeting card, if you wish.
Q: Which online photo center is recommended?
A: For my personal needs, I consistently use Costco's photo center. The prints are only $.13 each and they are done in one hour. Just use the photo center you normally use. I have tried's photo center before, but I was not pleased with their service. If you use, I recommend that you call them beforehand to ensure their photo machines are operational.
Q: What is your design/personalization fee?
A: It is the "Add to Cart" price. The purchase prices covers my design fee (customize text, colors, photos, etc.)

Q: For personalized photo products, how big does my picture need to be?
A: I can only use .JPEG or .TIFF photos. It needs to be at least 500 x 500 pixels for best results (for 4x6 birthday invitations), but I prefer 1000 x 100o pixels. Your photo needs to have enough space around the person's head to make image placement look nice.

I recommend sending a picture with the correct headspace (see images above) and at least 150 KB (file size), but preferably 300 KB or higher. Adjust your settings on your camera to at least 2 or 3 MegaPixels before taking a picture and it will result in a sharper image. When you save your image as a JPEG, select “best quality” and/or “biggest file.” Please click here to read more about image resolution and quality.

I do NOT do any photo editing on my end.

Please email me your picture as soon as you complete your purchase along with the personalization information

Q: The sample image on your web site is too small. How can I enlarge it to see the detail?

A: To enlarge any image, just click on it. Use your browser's back button to navigate back to this page.)
Q: Why don't I see any images?
A: This is a page-loading error. If you see a hollow white-lined rectangle or box, that means an image is missing/failed to load (usually due to your internet connection being interrupted). Just click on the image box to view the actual image.
Q: What are the printing policies? Can I share the files I buy with my friends?
A: It depends on the product. See below.
For freebies, feel free to share. Of course, I'd love it if you just referred them to my web site so that they can look around and download the freebies for themselves.

For Educational Products (item #s beginning with ED or PA):
Once you have purchased a file, you may print as many copies as you'd like for use with children in your immediate care (i.e., children you homeschool, children in your daycare, children in your school class). If you'd like to share with a friend, purchase an extra copy please, or direct them to my site so they may purchase it for themselves. My prices low so that they are affordable to everyone, especially teachers. I appreciate your integrity.

For Custom Cards, Invitations, or Party Supplies
Once I customize these products for you, you may print as many copies as you see fit for your personal one-time event.

Q: What if I find a mistake or am otherwise unhappy with my purchase?
A: Please let me make it right! If you are not happy with a purchase, or find a mistake on your product, please email me immediately so I can fix it. I want you to be happy with your purchase--if you're not happy, I'm not happy.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept? What if I don't have a PayPal account?
A: No worries. I accept personal checks, money orders, and debit/credit card purchases made through PayPal. If you choose to mail me the check or money order, I wait until the money has been cleared before you get your it's a slower process. You do NOT need to have a PayPal account, nor do you have to register with PayPal to check out using my shopping cart--you just need your credit card or debit card handy. Please email me with any questions regarding these issues.

Q: Where are the customizable invitations for Disney Princesses, Monster High Ghouls, Care Bears, My Little Pony, and Hello Kitty?
A: I only offer free versions of these characters/invitations due to copyright restrictions.
 Q: Why do you give some files away for free?
A: In short, it's a way I give back to help others. Please read my philosophy here.

Q: Where can I go to get more ideas for my birthday party?A: This is my favorite Birthday Party Idea web site
Q: What other services do you offer?
A: For a list of my other services, read here.
If you have a question that is not answered here, please email me and I will
1) email you the answer, and
2) post the answer on this page for others to see.
Thank you! I look forward to earning your business.