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Friday, August 1, 2008

Custom Pink Piggy Birthday Party

What a fun way to celebrate the first birthday of your little girl!

Custom Pink Piggy Birthday Invitations
These custom photo invitations are sure to make your loved ones smile--and they'll be a great addition to your girl's scrapbook. They are personalized with a picture of your little girl, poem, and personalized party information.

The featured poem (#1) can be changed for different ages as well:
  • Two: This little piggy is turning Two! You'll come to her birthday party, won't you?
  • Three: This little piggy is turning Three! Join us for her Piggy Birthday Party!
  • Four: This little piggy is turning Four! Please come to her party for fun galore!
Here is an alternative poem (#2) for the Pink Piggy Birthday invitations:
This little Piggy has a birthday,
This little Piggy turns One,
This little Piggy just wants to share some birthday fun!
And this little Piggy squeals “Yipee, Yippe, Please come to my birthday party!”

Here are the verses for ages two - four:
  • Two: This little piggy turns Two, This little Piggy wants to share birthday fun with you!
  • Three: This little Piggy turns Three, This little Piggy wants to share her birthday glee!
  • Four: This little Piggy Turns Four, This little Piggy wants to have birthday fun galore!
If you're unfamiliar with how my Custom Photo Invitations process works, read here.

Pink Piggy Themed Birthday Party SuppliesPS006 Pink Piggy Invitations $9.95
PS008 Pink Piggy Thank You Cards $5.95

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To begin the customization process, you need to purchase the item and email me your party information. Click here to email me this form. Remember to attach a picture! If your email client doesn’t support this link, copy and paste the following into an email and send it to: alanaleedesigns(at)gmail(dot)com.

Birthday child's first and last name:
Birthday party date and time:
Birthday party address:
RSVP phone:
Poem: 1 or 2
Flower Color:
Clothing Color:
Picture Placement: flower, square, oval
(attach picture of child)

**Note: I'll use the same flower, clothing, color, and picture options that you choose to design your Pink Piggy coordinating birthday supplies.

More coordinating products coming soon!
  • Pin the Tail on the Piggy
  • Welcome to the Party Sign
Fun ideas for Pig (or even a Farm or Barnyard or Animal) party:
  1. Buy pink balloons and decorate them like piggies.
  2. Buy a pig cake pan and make a pig cake.
  3. Decorate cupcakes to look like pig faces.
  4. Buy a pig cookie cutter to make pig-shaped cookies, sandwiches, fruit slices (like watermelon), etc.
  5. Mom and dad can dress up like farmers.

[Item #PS006 - Pink Piggy Invitations - 4x6 JPEG - $9.95]

[Item #PS008 - Pink Piggy Thank You Cards - 4x6 JPEG - $5.95]

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